[Grok-dev] powered by Grok

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Aug 31 09:47:16 EDT 2007


First, thanks for trying Grok and blogging about it. I was happy to
see the blog entry.

> Since this is a production site I would like to add some kind of "powered by
> Grok" icon in the footer. Is there one available or planned?

This is a good point and thanks for bringing it up on the list. We do
have such icons in the works. Armin, what's the current best logo? Do
we have a powered-by variety?

What we should be doing is select some of the Grok images and place
them on grok.zope.org for reuse by interested people. I hope that
Armin and Jan-Ulrich will help with the selection and then I'll
happily volunteer Darryl again to get the page online. :)

Here are some images which include the club logo.




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