[Grok-dev] Re: Parallel sprint in Brasil

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Jul 5 11:03:55 EDT 2007


On 7/5/07, Luciano Ramalho <luciano at ramalho.org> wrote:
> On 7/5/07, Martijn Faassen <faassen at startifact.com> wrote:
> > I'd like very much to hear more about your plans here, as I don't agree
> > with this approach. I showed custom, HTML-based forms first, because:
> > [...]
> Thanks, Martijn, your rationale is very clear and I agree with it. My
> proposal was not to start with autoforms right away, but just
> introduce them earlier than in the current tutorial. I also see the
> educational value of the hand-written forms to show how things really
> work. Sorry if I was not clear.

I just taking the opportunity to be clear about my own rationale for
the tutorial structure. :)

I'll see what you will come up with!

> I will consolidate your outline with some new ideas and earlier
> observations I made about the tutorial on June 1st and produce a more
> detailed outline for the first part of the tutorial for your feedack
> before the sprint, OK?

That sounds good. Note that I don't expect I'll have much opportunity
to review this before the start of the sprint itself though. I'll be
busy finishing stuff here before I leave on sunday, and then the
conference will take my time. So don't let my lack of response in the
coming week stop you from making progress, please!



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