[Grok-dev] How do I reference a common template in the statics folder?

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Fri Jul 6 04:49:22 EDT 2007

Hi Sebastian,

On Fri, 06.07.2007, 10:17 +0200 Sebastian Ware wrote:
> My two pennies... There are better places to learn in depth about  
> macros and page templates than in the Grok tutorials, but how to use  
> them with Grok is really a make or break for anybody who is getting  
> started.

I agree. It seems, macros are used quite early in production process,
when you start to design and implement an application. If people fail
here, they will easily drop using Grok at all.

> If the mini tutorials are like small cookbooks, this is definitely a  
> recipe I would want to read. Especially if it is a nobrainer...
> ...having said that, I haven't got macros working yet... so if I just  
> could understand how it works, I will write it myself. :)

Please give a couple of hours. I spent last night writing a
mini-tutorial and are about to post it, but have to check some things
before. Okay?



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