[Grok-dev] Re: Next Steps Grok-Character

J Cameron Cooper jccooper at rice.edu
Fri Jul 6 17:02:10 EDT 2007

Armin C. Stroß-Radschinski wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am not sure, but is there a decision to proceed with the "classic" 
> Grok illustrations done by Felicia?
> If yes, I am not insulted because I love the original illustrations too.
> My only intention was to simplify the further production process.
> As I explained in the last thread, I need a decision if the team will 
> proceed to use my version.
> If yes, I can deliver the necessary posings for the site within in the 
> next weeks.
> On the other hand I do not suggest to use the grok character as a logo 
> because it will not fulfil the needs of this application in any 
> professional way. Grok – the character – is a perfect mascot for the 
> Grok community!
> But for a professional appearance the brand "Grok" should have 
> typo-based logo or simple sign. Even the cave metaphor or the fire 
> illustration will not fit the needs.
> The use of the Lithos-Font for the "Grok" word was a possible solution, 
> but we need something that should work as a favicon with 16 pixel height.

Quite. Logos are very tricky, in that they ought to work in very 
constrained environments: embroidered on a shirt, silkscreened, 2-color 
black and white, and, ideally, in a tiny icon. If the logo itself cannot 
do this, some part of it should be able to. (The Plone logo is quite 
good at this. Also, the Zope logo and the new thing they're doing with 
Python. Just to name a few in the same space.)

Thus, I have reservations about the "reflection" logo.

The new-design Groks might be able to make it as a logo component, 
though maybe they're too complex even simplified as they are.

Common petroglyphs are the concentric swirl and the negative hand. And 
of course large game. The negative hand is neat, though I don't know if 
any of these are the best choice

My favorite vision so far is a stylized version of Grok's comically 
oversized club. Grok is all about smashing, right? I'd love to combine 
it with a pair of glasses, but that might be too much. Here's a silly 
little mockup I did of that, just stealing the existing club:




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