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Armin C. Stroß-Radschinski developer at acsr.de
Sat Jul 7 02:42:30 EDT 2007

Am 07.07.2007 um 02:31 schrieb Luciano Ramalho:

> Great, Cameron. The club is it!
1+ YES in every point of view
> Grok is about smashing things, a paleolithic take on "opinionated
> software". And it looks good in monochrome.
> How about this version, with the P22 Kock Nueland font:
> http://paleosoft.org/images/references/grok-nueland.png
For all loving the Stoneage-Look!
GROK is a crossover! Absolutely high-tech (Zope) with a simple hands on.
The Spiririt should be catched by the logo.

Keep in Mind: Everybody in the GROK Community knows the story. But we  
want to get ground under the feet. The Zope community is benefitig  
from the success of applications like Plone (commercial success with  
the work of all the consultants over the world too!)

Even if they have not all a successful created Corporate-Design it  
helps a lot.
> I think it carries the humor of the whole smashing idea.
And what is if the joke is over?
Let us keep the fun in the character GROK! and seperate from GROK the  

I am very interesting in making cool comic strips with GROK the  
But the main goal is to have a perfect Logo that fits ALL needs.

Taking a look at my reduced versions from early morning. I think my  
first one from the evening was "more club" .

As an industrial-designer I have one important critic point with the  
original club of GROK (the pencil-drawn). This Form slips out of you  
hand, you cannot handle it. Nobody should think or feel such an  
impression with GROK.

In my version the grip is transformed into an invisible fist (in the  
R) avoiding the problem. If the club is used alone, a simple bullet  
is placed instead of the R makinf up an acclamation mark.


The results of my late night work can be seen here:


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