[Grok-dev] Re: Next Steps Grok-Character

Armin C. Stroß-Radschinski developer at acsr.de
Sat Jul 7 08:28:50 EDT 2007

Am 07.07.2007 um 12:30 schrieb Jan Ulrich Hasecke:

> @Armin: Do you think everybody will see a club in the image? t  
> could also be someting else. ;-) I think the grip is lacking.
Right! That is what i see this morning after some distance (my other  
my lost one was better!

If we have a metamorphosis starting at our current point we should  
forward our view into the future.
A lot of logos lack the direct recognizability of their offspring  
today, but keep their secret to tell a story!

I.e. 3M derived from "Minnesota Mining Machines"


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