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Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Sun Jul 8 15:40:02 EDT 2007



This looks very good!!! To me it is modern, distinct and with perfect  
reference to the caveman theme without "being to obvious". Grok- 
Signet_club6p_outline.png is my absolute favourite because the name  
is in focus, the club is a supporting element. I also like Grok- 
Signet_club6p_grey.png for the same reasons.

I think the logo is better without the shadow. Eventhough I think the  
reflection in the website design gives it a modern look, but I think  
that is more styling than part of the logo.

Would it be possible to elaborate on a version that is more 6:9  
aspect ratio? In many situations it is desirable not to use to much  
height but still keeping the letters as large as possible. Maybe one  
could work a bit on Grok-Signet_club6p_outline.png. Moving the club  
etc. I think you understand what I mean.

I also want to give my complements on how you have developed the  
original Grok caveman. I can see this one being a great asset. (I  
still wonder what he is doing with his right hand though... it looks  
to me as a prelude to a victorian curtsy... :) )

Mvh Sebastian

8 jul 2007 kl. 19.59 skrev Armin C. Stroß-Radschinski:

> Am 08.07.2007 um 16:53 schrieb Armin C. Stroß-Radschinski:
>> GROK Logo with a club backported to a more clear one with grip and  
>> with 5 pins (this is like the one I lost before). Again using Skia  
>> Font with increased boldness and fine rounded corners. This helps  
>> in nearly every use of the logo!
> Update:
> GROK Logo with 6 pins (this is most the one I lost before :-) The  
> reattachment of the 6th pin was requested by my daughter (who is  
> illustration artist too).
>> http://www.dzug.org/marketing/corporate-design/grok/grok- 
>> signet_skia_mod_club6p.png/view
> Additional here are some new ones with a more grippy club and  
> playing around with colour.
> alternative club in grey. (more original vector GROK). More grippy  
> handle!
> http://www.dzug.org/marketing/corporate-design/grok/grok- 
> signet_club6p_grey.png/view
> alternative club with wooden club (much more original!). More  
> grippy handle!
> http://www.dzug.org/marketing/corporate-design/grok/grok- 
> signet_club6p_wood.png/view
> Line art. Filled faces. More grippy handle!
> http://www.dzug.org/marketing/corporate-design/grok/grok- 
> signet_club6p_line.png/view
> Line art. Outlined. More grippy handle!
> http://www.dzug.org/marketing/corporate-design/grok/grok- 
> signet_club6p_outline.png/view
> You can use Plone Directory overview.
> http://www.dzug.org/marketing/corporate-design/grok/
> If there is a fine outline around the club : This was created from  
> the transparent PNG by PIL and disappeares in full view.
> Armin
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