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Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke at web.de
Tue Jul 10 11:29:00 EDT 2007

Hi all!

Armin and me had a long discussion via phone about the details of the  
Grok logo and we finally came up with an outline shape.


Colors can be considered in the next step, for now only the shape  
matters: the shape of the club, the angle of the club and the typo.

(All other versions you can see here: http://www.dzug.org/marketing/ 

For me the club in this version looks like an accent, and fits more  
harmonically to the typo than the other versions. The angle of the  
club is between the first versions with the upright club and the  
later versions with the lying club. I think this more or less 45  
degree angle is the best solution.

If there is a consensus that this is the best shape for the logo we  
could skip the poll and Armin can produce some color variations for  
which we can than vote.

If some of you has other champions (please only consider the shape),  
please stand up and shout. In this case we will have an email vote  
about the shape as well.

Any objections to this progress at all?


hasecke.com :: Text und Redaktion

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