[Grok-dev] Typo in macro mini how-to

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Wed Jul 18 06:35:06 EDT 2007

Oi Fernando,

On Wed, 18.07.2007, 00:51 -0300, Fernando Correa Neto wrote:

[snip: review of macros howto]

> metal:define-slots=<slot-name>  <<<-- define-slot and not define-slots

Ouch! You are right. Thanks for being watchful! 

I reviewed the text myself and found another mistake. Both are fixed in
the current grok/trunk/doc/ and grok/www/. 

Darryl, I applied the changes (after generating HTML with grok2html.py)
in minitutorials/macros.html to repos/main/grok/www as you told us.
However, on the web still the old version shows up. I assume the
webserver has to be updated manually or did I miss something?

Best regards,


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