[Grok-dev] Kirbi buildout ready and tested

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Fri Jul 20 23:49:57 EDT 2007

Finally I managed to make a buildout of Kirbi.

It's here:


If you want to test it, it's best to do it with the demo data
included, because the most intersting the demo does is showing the
search used in two different ways (title/author search from the search
box and author keyword search from the links in the book details).

To see the demo with data, run the bootstrap and buildout, start the
server, go to the Grok admin ui, create a Kirbi instance and then go
to the src/demo directory and run:

$ import.py K

where "K" is the name you've given to the Kirbi instance created in
the Grok admin UI.

Suggestions on how to streamline this process are very welcome.

Tackling the buildout stuff delayed my plans for the week. I will put
some additional work into Kirbi this Saturday and publish my midterm
report this Sunday.

There is still very little code in Kirbi, but code reviews are welcome

Now that I have a working and buildable framework in which to plug in
the code, work should progress faster.

Good night.


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