[Grok-dev] Re: Grok and Ajax : KSS ?

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Jul 24 16:52:12 EDT 2007

If there is a more lightweight solution (in terms of required  
packages, runtime resources and documentation) I would personally  
prefer that approach to be the recommended one. Those who want more  
will usually be prepared to investigate and support a more powerful  
route (Turbogears SQLobject vs. SQLAlchemy springs to mind).

Has anyone looked at the overhead of KSS?

Mvh Sebastian

24 jul 2007 kl. 21.01 skrev Jimmie Houchin:

> Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
>> On 7/24/07, Jimmie Houchin <j.zope at cyberhaus.us> wrote:
>>> My apologies.
>>> I accidentally posted this reply from this thread, into another  
>>> thread.
>>> (Re: defining permissions in a module)
>>> It wasn't until I read Jan-Wijbrand Kolman's reply to this  
>>> message, but
>>> with a subject I did not remember replying to. Oops.
>>> > Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
>>> >
>>> > Spot on. If I may say so.
>>> >
>>> > regards,
>>> > jw
>>> Please forgive the misplacement of my reply.
>> I am so very sorry for this misunderstanding... My reply was really
>> not at all meant to point you at your mistake. On the contrary, I
>> completely agreed with your observations and opinion and I tried to
>> express a feeling of "I could not have said that any better".
> Oh no, I did not mean to imply anything like that.
> I understand fully what you meant. And I appreciate it fully.
> It was all my mistake. You did nothing wrong my friend.
> It was that when I went to read the message you replied to and saw  
> my message there, it just struck me as to what I did. I also wanted  
> to provide any other replies an opportunity to be in the correct  
> thread.
> It was like when I notice all my typos when I read others replies  
> to my emails. A moment of "oh, I can't believe I did that".
> What happened was that I went to compose my reply. I noticed that  
> it was going to Martijn and not the list. I didn't want to fill his  
> inbox with something he would probably read on the list. So I went  
> back to the messages intending to do reply-to-all on that message.  
> I had already written the message so I just did a reply-to-all on  
> the wrong message, deleted its contents and pasted my message. I  
> just didn't notice I didn't reply to the message intended.
> As I prefer to comply with community standards. Since the reply  
> headers are set to the individuals and not the list. Does this  
> community prefer to receive multiple copies as such one personally  
> and one to the list?
> And again, thanks for the supportive comment.
> Jimmie
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