[Grok-dev] Grok Summer of Code?

Tim Terlegard tim.terlegard at lovelysystems.com
Mon Mar 5 10:17:38 EST 2007

> Since the Zope Foundation might be signing up as a mentoring
> organization for the Google Summer of Code, how about getting a student
> interested in a Grok-related project? Some potential projects for a student:

> * Grok + SQLAlchemy
> * Grok + Genshi templates
> * Grok on Apache/mod_python hosting (more of a Zope3/ZODB topic)
> * ...?

Great idea. It would be dumb not to try to attract some students, as long
as we have mentors.

But what is actually grok specific about genshi support? Wouldn't Genshi
automatically be available in grok if the genshi template support was
added to Zope 3? Or is that too hard and adding it to grok would be 10
times easier?

Perhaps the same question is valid for grok + SQLAlchemy?


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