[Grok-dev] Re: Add forms - one object type to multiple object types

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Mar 12 05:17:20 EDT 2007

Darryl Cousins wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-03-10 at 18:14 -0800, Kevin Teague wrote:
>> from zope.app.container.interfaces import IContainer
>> class AddPage(grok.AddForm):
>>      grok.context(IContainer) # base container interface, only  
>> applies to container objects
> Cheers for that, I hadn't tried an Interface! I'd read 'object' in the
> code - but of course an interface is an object too.

This is definitely one for the tutorial (and the reference of course, 
someone write a reference!) :)

Thanks Darryl for continuing your feedback.



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