[Grok-dev] Portlets (and maybe other skinning).

Darryl Cousins darryl at darrylcousins.net.nz
Sun Mar 18 04:20:55 EDT 2007

Hi Lennart,

On Sun, 2007-03-18 at 08:52 +0100, Lennart Regebro wrote:
> On 3/17/07, Lennart Regebro <regebro at gmail.com> wrote:
> But of course, since the object has a template that ouputs
> html/head/body tags, and the main template also does that (it has too)
> I get two of them.
> The question is, should I strip everything outside of the body and
> only insert the body, or should we require that all grok-views that
> make use of this only returns the actual body?
> Opinions? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
> Anyone want to see the proof of concept code?

But of course! :-)

I'm trying to track down a document SRichter posted somewhere about have
only calls to providers in a main_template. It seems to fit so well to
the grok way of doing things, namely: all in python code.

Sincere regards,

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