[Grok-dev] Re: naming conventions

Jegenye 2001 Bt (Miklós Prisznyák) jegenye2001 at jegenye.com
Sun Mar 18 12:15:56 EDT 2007

2007/3/17, Fernando Correa Neto <fcdoth at gmail.com>:
> BUT, PEP8 has some other cool things that I still respect like
> spacing, max line characters to 79, docstrings style etc, maybe things
> that you won't notice that much in the code like when we read classes,
> methods and variables definitions.
> >
> > +1
> > IMHO PEP 8 is a pain, anyway. :p Long live the hunchbacks! :D

Oh, I was a bit sloppy, actually I meant to express my dislike for
under_scoring in favour of CamelCase only...  I agree the rest of PEP
8 is cool. :/)

Best regards,
   Miklós Prisznyák
   Principal Consultant, owner

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