[Grok-dev] Re: First grok package

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Mon Mar 19 22:08:40 EDT 2007

Looks like a good start!

I've put a link to the TFWS apps on the Grok home page in the "What  
does Grok code look like?" section. Let me know if you want the  
wording adjusted.

I installed the apps, and they both seem to run fine. I've only  
glanced over the source code a bit, but it looks very clean :)

A couple hiccups in the install process:

  * For the StoryBoard app, I had to install PIL for my Python build.  
There should be a note about PIL in INSTALL.txt.

  * INSTALL.txt should also mention the default username/password.

When using the apps, I think it would be more intuitive if the Add/ 
Edit form buttons were labelled 'Save'. It feels odd to me to click  
on a button labeled 'Edit', since it's not immediately clear if that  
action is to save the current edits, or to wipe them out and start a  
new editing form.

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