[Grok-dev] Developers area in grok.zope.org

Fernando Correa Neto fcdoth at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 07:07:04 EDT 2007

Hello Cavemans,

I was reviewing the grok site and since I know grok is still in early
ages, there are few pages about the project...actually two pages: home
and tutorial.
I've seen in the last posts people are getting eager and eager to
improve grok and pushing even more stuff into the core.
Thinking of this I was wondering if we could have a "Developers Area"
or "Groking Grok" or a "Grokers Area"...I don't know.
Since in the mailing list things are going too fast between the
discussion and the implementation, I wonder if there is a standard
process for it or if it is good to have one process to improve grok.
I realize this due the last discussion  about JSON integration into
the core and someone yelled that this is good to integrate because
other USERS could migrate from TurboGears and use it right away.
So why not have a area for DEVELOPERS so they see how to improve the
code and follow a direction for this having a look at the entire
process AND have they code from other projects working faster? IOW,
how to plug things in grok.
This would be good to expose the zope3 codebase behind grok as well.
The code is often small and just tie things together so a experienced
grok developer would introduce another  developers into the core and
possibly make them love it just like users do.
I am pretty sure some areas are going to be integrated soon like
Viewlets and JSON so maybe it is a good opportunity to do this and
future implementations like REST can follow the same pattern.


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