[Grok-dev] model not getting persisted

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Fri Mar 23 18:07:49 EDT 2007

> Ok, I understand this. But how is the zope3 code working then? I've  
> seen
> this
> class X(Persistent):
>    implements(ISomeSchema)
>    a = u''
>    b = u''
> a couple of times. How come the class attributes gets persisted here?

Those class attributes do not get persisted. They are just there as  
defaults, so that you don't need to initialize them in the  
constructor. With a class like the one above you can then write code  
like this:

 >>> obj = X()
 >>> obj.a # instance attribute does not yet exist, so falls back to  
class attribute
 >>> obj.a = u'Hello ZODB' # sets an instance attribute
 >>> obj.a
u'Hello ZODB'
 >>> obj.__class__.a # class attribute is still available, it's now  
just 'shadowed' by an instance attribute

This bit of documentation explains class vs instance attributes well:


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