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15 maj 2007 kl. 16.02 skrev Fernando Correa Neto:

> Hi,
> On 5/13/07, Martin Aspeli <optilude at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Sebastian Ware wrote:
> [agreed-stuff]
>> It's different - e.g., aspect orientation (adapters) and  
>> persistence (no
>> RDBMS).
> This can be dangerous.
> I was discussing sometime ago in this list on how to sell ZODB.
> Personally I love it, but the thing is that when you go selling
> projects, 90% of the time you'll find a scenario like this:
> IT Manager of the company: Ok, so you are going to implement your
> Grok/Zope3 solution. Here you have my Oracle database for the beckend.
> Have fun
> ZODB lover: No, I have my own database for the application.
> IT Manager: What? What database?
> Time for the ZODB lover to get some creativity to convince that ZODB
> is the way to go instead of his old fashion tabular-based SQL beckend
> that can be managed/queried by other apps using a standard query
> language.
> That hurts!! I know it hurts.
> And believe me, if you try to sell Hybernate instead of ZODB, there is
> a chance to be accepted. Why?
> ZODB needs to gain popularity and be exposed.
> Things that attract IT guys when picking the solutions for their
> problems, among other things, is SQL storage.

Good point.

> I've gathered some material about ZODB and had a little discussion
> with Christian and Martjin and the plan was to implement the content
> for a zodb.zope.org the same way Sebastian Ware is trying to expose
> Grok in a better manner, BUT due to the lack on time right now, I
> can't do that much.

I expect to be able to break up the work into manageable pieces.  
Hopefully everybody can chip in somehow.

For now, feedback is king. :)

Regards Sebastian

> Cheers,
> Fernando
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