[Grok-dev] AJAX example for Uli using Mochikit and HTML-injection

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Sat May 26 03:05:30 EDT 2007

This is what it looks like in action:


Click on the days or change pictures with the buttons marked "<" and  

What I did was to create widgets that produce HTML that I can inject  
either using the PageTemplate or the Mochikit HTML-injection method.  
By adding some extra attributes when rendering the widget I get  
parameters that I can easily find and use in my AJAX calls.

If javascript is turned off, the links work as normal. If javascript  
is turned on, and the Mochikit library can be loaded, the 'onclick'  
events are intercepted and trigger the AJAX stuff.

All design is done in the widget renderer using python (I didn't want  
to learn javascript... :p). And the HTML-injection is flicker free on  
my old Powerbook so it looks very much like the real thing. :)

The PageTemplate (renamed with prefix "my_")

Widgets... (renamed with prefix "my_")

My javascript-file that does the AJAX stuff


Regards Sebastian Ware

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