[Grok-dev] Re: AJAX example for Uli using Mochikit and HTML-injection

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon May 28 17:00:46 EDT 2007

Sebastian Ware wrote:
> KSS sounds good, but when I looked at it I was worried that it would  
> add overall complexity by being a bit of a black box. In that respect  
> I would vote for choosing a very simple solution for the management  
> interface, even if KSS might be the way to go from there when  
> everything has matured.


There are always going to be trade-offs, and you're going to have to 
evaluate the options available on a case-by-case basis. Any framework is 
a black box until you unpick it, I don't think KSS is particularly 
different. It's reasonably easy to debug, btw, at least so long as you 
have Firebug. :)


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