[Grok-dev] grok reference - what needs to be documented and what not

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Tue May 29 03:39:03 EDT 2007


I have started on the grok reference, getting familiar with the latex
syntax, and the reference's content structure.

First question: Do you expect *all* functions and classes etc. to be
documented, or "only" the ones that a developer *with* grok gets in
contact with?

As an example: I started with the url() function in util.py. This is,
as far as I can see, the only function in this module that a regular
developer will need from this module. The fact that it is imported in
__init__ illustrates this.

Would that actually be a usefull guide: "The reference will document
everything that is imported in __init__?"

Next steps will be to (finally) settle checkin rights and to have the
reference-in-progress show up at some URL for "testing".

kind regards,

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman

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