[Grok-dev] Re: grok reference - test URL

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Tue May 29 18:36:43 EDT 2007

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
>> Sorry if I missed a post, but is this on a repository? Can I contribute
>> to your effort? I don't mind playing with LaTeX. Jack of all trades,
>> master of none.
> It *is* in the repository. Well... it will be once I have my checkin
> rights sorted again.

I can only urge you to get those soon. Uli has apparently started some 
work on the reference as well, unaware of your large progress. In fact, 
I was unaware of how far you got already, too. I wish you had checked in 
sooner :/

That's not to say I don't appreciate the work you're doing (and have done)!

Btw, I tried to keep the interfaces in grok.interfaces up to date with 
the public API (of grok/__init__.py as well as the components). I think 
they can serve as a good start for populating empty reference pages. 
They can also serve as a guidance of what should be included in the 
reference and what not...

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