[Grok-dev] off to Germany

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu May 31 18:31:01 EDT 2007

Hi there,

I'm off to the DZUG conference in Germany tomorrow. The meeting itself 
is monday and tuesday. I'll be giving an introductionary talk about Grok 
during the conference proper.

Saturday and sunday, as well as wednesday (and for some, monday/tuesday 
too), will be sprinting time. It's a Plone sprint but there are quite a 
few people interested in sprinting on Grok. I hope to get some 
interesting work done, though at least as important is the discussions 
with various sprinters - we will get valuable ideas out of these. 
Philipp and Christian will be there as well (though Christian will 
probably be sprinting on Zope blob support).

The travel plans and the sprint also means that my attention to this 
mailing list may be somewhat less than normal. This is so you know 
what's going on. :)

Possible sprint topics I have in my mind are:

* REST support. This is self-interested, but I think we would also make 
a good move as a framework if we included great REST support. Rails is 
ahead of us here, but Zope 3 has a good infrastructural base that should 
allow us to catch up pretty quickly.

* Finish integration of Martian. Pretty low level work so I may not get 
any interested sprinters. Jim Fulton will also be there, and I have 
plans to discuss Martian with Jim if I get the chance.

* Extend Martian so it can use ordering and line-number information. 
Ordering we can use for various interesting configuration purposes. Line 
number information would be very useful for better error reporting.

* KSS integration into Grok. I know Godefroid Chapelle will be there, so 
I at least want to discuss possible designs for KSS integration with him.

It will really depend on what people are interested in, though.

I know Philipp intends to sprint on megrok.five, the Zope 2 integration 
of Grok, so this will be a definite sprint topic.



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