[Grok-dev] Grok-Website: Call for help

Darryl Cousins darryl at darrylcousins.net.nz
Thu Nov 1 00:42:10 EDT 2007


I set up a dev environment to try out the grok theme for Plone. (And
wrote a small doc on doing so.)

I've implemented 'code-block' and 'sidebar' directives. (This is a
matter of registering methods with docutils and doesn't require any
plone hacking). Just need some css to prettify it all.

The 'include' directive will be a bit more tricky but I'll have a go at
it if no-one else waves their arms. I `think` at first glance that it
will be possible to read files as attached to the folderish tutorial.

Any advice on getting write access to the svn.plone.org repository?

BTW I haven't installed a Zope2 nor Plone for over a year (at least), it
runs slow compared to my Grok/Zope3 apps on my sluggish (nothing near
state-of-the-art) machine.

Best regards,

On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 09:28 +0100, Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:
> Hi all,
> this is a call for help.
> During the Neanderthalsprint and the Plone Conference Armin, Timo,
> Thomas and me worked on the new website. To launch the site we now need
> some help.
> Please read the status and todos in:
> http://wiki.zope.org/grok/WebsiteReference
> Especially this:
> http://wiki.zope.org/grok/WebsiteToDos
> In the old tutorials some rst-commands were used, which are not
> supported by Plone. You will see errors when you look at the current  
> website.
> See this:
> http://plone.grok.quintagroup.com/documentation/tutorial/macros-with- 
> grok/defining-a-simple-macro
> Using:
> code-block,
> include and
> sidebar
> is not possible at the moment. We must either skip using this in the
> tutorials or enable Plone to use them. And for this task we need the  
> help of someone, who can hack the restructured-text implementation of  
> Plone.
>  From my point of view, I would skip using code-block, include and  
> sidebar, but these are only my 2 cents. ;-)
> Grüße
> Jan Ulrich Hasecke
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