[Grok-dev] Re: Grok-Website: Call for help

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Sat Nov 3 20:17:55 EDT 2007

I've updated the development buildout to use two new eggs:


I've put these into the Zope repo:


I've updated the dev buildout instructions and config:


Functionaly, these two packages do the same thing as the  
plonetheme.grok package in the Collective. I've done some clean-up to  
the eggs so that there is less ZopeSkel boilerplate for parts that we  
aren't customizing.

I've also renamed the theme to "Grok Smash Theme". If we do  
significant alerations to the theme in the future, then we can have  
new themes with different names, this should be easier to reference in  
conversation than saying, "The older Grok Theme for Plone 3" and "The  
newer Grok Theme for Plone 3".

Hopefully these names, svn locations, etc. is good with everyone? I  
wasn't at the Grok theme sprint, so hopefully I'm not too out-of-the- 
loop with the Grok web site efforts. I'll have some more grok web time  
this week, so I'll perhaps work on getting the porlets set-up post- 
install and make them proper viewlets next.

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