[Grok-dev] traversal error when calling template for grok.View

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Sun Nov 4 21:23:24 EST 2007

"David Bain" <david.bain at alteroo.com> writes:

> hey(None,None)._render_template()

This line of code, by the way, seems to answer your question from
earlier today - the way you get a template to render something for you
is to instantiate its View, just like (I think) you're doing here.

> The following code gives a traversal error:
> hey = Master
> hey(None,None)._render_template()
> *** TraversalError: (None, 'master.css')

Does your template try to determine the URL to "master.css" anywhere?
Whenever, in a template, you say "get the URL of <this>", you have to
make sure that "<this>" can be "traversed" to find where it lives and,
perhaps in this case, what lives inside of it.

Take a look at:


and see whether it addresses your situation.

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