[Grok-dev] branches review before 0.11 release

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Nov 5 11:35:11 EST 2007

Hi there,

In preparation for 0.11, we'll do the branch dance again to see what 
happened to them. I ask anyone mentioned in still-current branches to 
please speak up on what is required to get things moving again (or 
remove the old, retired branch with an svn rm).

Branches that were completed

We completed the work on these branches, and they got merged into Grok. Yay!

faassen-rest - Martijn Faassen

REST support! This branch got merged into the trunk. I've removed it now.

gotcha-configuration-actions - Godefroid Chapelle, Philipp

ZCML compatibility! Philipp did a lot of work on it and merged it. It's 
gone now.

Branches that had movement on them

These branches had progress on them. We need to finish the work on them.

regebro-guido-templates - Lennart, Guido

[urgent: want to merge this before 0.11]

Quite a bit of discussion and work as done on this one. Lennart, is this 
one ready for merging now in your opinion? What do others think? 
(Brandon?). We're starting to run out of time before the release work 
tomorrow and I'd like to get it in there.

ulif-i18n - Uli


Some work was done on this one a few weeks ago but Uli didn't deem it 
ready for review yet at that time, I recall. Uli?

i18n support, the Grok way. I have the impression that this one is 
waiting for someone to review it, correct? If so, please start a thread 
describing the basic design so we can finalize this process.

Branches in stagnation

These either should be removed, or active work should be picked up on 
whatever work they started. I'm looking at the people whose names are 
below to take some action, please!

* jasper-grokdoctool - Jasper op de Coul, Uli

* ksmith-mcweekly-boundpagetemplate - Kevin Smith

* ksmith_mcweekly-groklets  - Kevin Smith

* ksmith-mcweekly-layers - Kevin Smith

* ksmith-mcweekly-viewlets - Kevin Smith

* luciano-tutorial - Luciano (waiting for a review by me still, I think! 
Luciano, please keep reminding me)

* neanderthal-startupspeed - Lennart, Joachim Schmitz, Ahmed

* philikon-grokcore.component - Philipp

* ulif-viewinfo - Uli, Martijn, Jasper

Branches that were old and removed

Cleaniness is next to godliness they say. Which mean I'm not very godly. 
But we did get rid of these branches!

* gocept.zope3instance-recipe - Philipp von Weitershausen

* philikon-reload - Philipp

* ulif-adminui - Uli

* ulif-reference - Uli



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