[Grok-dev] branches review before 0.11 release

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 13:03:50 EST 2007

On 11/5/07, Martijn Faassen <faassen at startifact.com> wrote:
> These branches had progress on them. We need to finish the work on them.
> regebro-guido-templates - Lennart, Guido
> ----------------------------------------
> [urgent: want to merge this before 0.11]
> Quite a bit of discussion and work as done on this one. Lennart, is this
> one ready for merging now in your opinion? What do others think?
> (Brandon?). We're starting to run out of time before the release work
> tomorrow and I'd like to get it in there.

I think it's ready for merging. I don't think the story gets better
than this, it's all quite simple, really. I want feedback on a couple
of issues:

1. Which tests should we keep: The ftests Brandon did, or the
unittests I did without realizing Brandon alsread had made some tests.
Mine test a bit more, but that can be merged.

2. I refactored the ZPT support. Before the PageTemplate and
PageTemplateClass subclassed zope.pagetemplate.PageTemplate directly.
I have moved them to the simplified story, meaning that the ZPTs are
now attributes on the grok classes. This saved some lines of code, but
created more classes, as the templates need to subclass from
TrustedApp as well. Opinions on that refactor? The tests work,
however, and we can easily undo it, the APIs haven't changed.

3. As a port of the refactoring, I merged PageTemplate and
PageTemplateFile, as the simplified story suggests. There however
still a PageTemplateFile for BBB purposes. Should we keep it so, or
deprecate it?

Oh, and I also realized during this work that we can add simple
support for automatic refreshing to the GrokTemplate class, so that
you in your render method can just do self.refresh() first, and it
will check for debug-state and file timestamp and reload the template,
if desired. That would be pretty cool, should we implement that?

> * ksmith-mcweekly-boundpagetemplate - Kevin Smith
> * ksmith_mcweekly-groklets  - Kevin Smith
> * ksmith-mcweekly-layers - Kevin Smith
> * ksmith-mcweekly-viewlets - Kevin Smith

What can we do to get this happening? I want viewlets.

> * neanderthal-startupspeed - Lennart, Joachim Schmitz, Ahmed

Well, the stuff we did that was not impressive, and personally I don't
think it's worth the work. It's not going to get us down to the couple
of seconds that we need to make refreshing a non-issue.

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