[Grok-dev] newbie question: megrok.five status

kevin gill kevin at movieextras.ie
Mon Nov 12 11:58:02 EST 2007


Is the megrok.five package still alive / valid?

I had a look in http://svn.zope.org, and it is not listed (it is listed if
you give a revision: http://svn.zope.org/?rev=78965). I assume that this
means it is either moved, merged or deleted ( I am not a subversion user

I also read in the IRC logs (21/9/2007):

philiKON	timte: megro.five is dead	16:59
philiKON	timte: but i have plans for something else	16:59

There are a number of posts on zope-dev recommending using Grok instead of
ZClasses. Am I correct to assume that this is still the position of Grok
project or is Grok?

Should I continue to investigate Grok for a Zope2 site?



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