[Grok-dev] grok.zope.org status?

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Mon Nov 12 21:59:48 EST 2007

On Nov 12, 2007, at 8:28 AM, Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Hi there,
> I saw a lot of people volunteering for grok.zope.org. Various  
> problems were solved, buildouts were created and so on. That's  
> really great!
> We need to make progress on this to actually publish the site,  
> though. What's holding us up now? Who is going to dot the 'i' and  
> publish the site on grok.zope.org?
> I want to designate someone grok.zope.org web czar. This web czar  
> will just make whatever decision is necessary to get the website up,  
> coordinating the volunteers.

I am willing to take on the gzo web czar role.

I've just commited an update to the gzo eggs on svn.zope.org so that  
new development buildouts of the site now layout the portlets the same  
as the sprint created Plone instance. In addition, some sample content  
is loaded into the site so that you have something to style.

What we need to do before launch:

  *  Visual bugs:

     Address at least some of the more skunky outstanding visual bits  
in the CSS (e.g. Search page looks ... not so great). I am going to  
have a go at this as my next task.

  * Plone Help Center:

     - ReST issues: I've only skimmed the discussions on this. Anyone  
want to look into this more?

     - PHC stability? new stable 1.5 release soonish?

  * Production buildout:

     - bring up a Plone instance on the grok.zope.org server,  
initially under a URL such as /working [kteague]

     - import content from the sprint Plone instance [kteague]

     - put backups in place. do we have a server we can do off-site  
backups too?

  * Content:

     - create accounts for those who need them. can we authenticate  
against an existing LDAP?

     - assign content to it's respective creators

     - start polishing up the content until we are happy enough with  
it to launch

* Organizational:

     - We have To-Do bits spread around a lot ATM: Grok wiki, TOPP  
wiki, ToDo text files in svn, mailing list discussion. It would be  
nice to aggregate this all into one place. I am inclined to think this  
could go somewhere on the new Grok Plone instance under 'Developing  
the GZO Site' as just a simple set of pages, although perhaps we want  
to scale up to using an issue tracker?

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