[Grok-dev] grok.zope.org status?

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Wed Nov 14 01:01:31 EST 2007

Yes, by "polishing the content" I just meant review the existing  
sprint content for a few "Lorum Ipsums" and other minor text edits and  
make sure that all content from the old site has been imported. We can  
continue wrassling with new texts post-relaunch :)

I've just been doing some work to get the new buildout running on the  
Grok server. I was not aware that plone.grok.quintagroup and  
grok.zope.org were the same server ... I'd assumed that a new  
virtualhost had been set-up for the sprint for some reason. Probably I  
should have mostly been working on getting the sprint Plone instance  
in working condition, and then done more of the package clean-up post- 
relaunch - but I guess that's what you get when you accept volunteer  
work from a Canuck.

Anyways, the Grok virtual server only has 256 MB of RAM ATM, so  
running two Zope/Plone instances isn't real hawt for performance, so  
I've just turned off the sprint Plone instance, built out a new Plone  
instance using the latest versions of the gzo.* packages, and then  
exported/imported all of the content (and the acl_users folder so  
sprint people's account should still work) into the new instance:


Note that I've put all the content into a Folder named  
'public_website' and then marked that with INavigationRoot. This means  
that we can export all content as a single .zexp, and then import that  
into our dev instances if we want to have a set of content the same as  
the production site for working with.

The Grok home page is now "baby blue" free. I also did some work on  
the news portlet look-and-feel yesterday - it could probably use a  
little more tinkering, but this can wait until post-launch I think.  
I'm going to start work next on addressing the CSS issues on this page:


Finally I stumbled across yet-another-grok-related-wiki here:


This is probably a good place to aggregate any relevant grok web site  
notes spread across all-the-other-wikis since we can then be a little  
more in-sync with the other zope.org revitalization efforts.

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