[Grok-dev] grok.zope.org status?

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Sun Nov 18 19:04:35 EST 2007

Just a quick update. I've done some more CSS tinkering and updated the  
preview site:


(this is not running in debug-mode, so you'll likley want to hard- 
refresh your browser)

  * banner shadow is in place

  * links in the left column are now blue, this should make them  
easier to read

* PHC fixes: next/previous links are fixed. The tutorialAbout is no  
longer displayed.

* Customized some Plone images. I do not think there is any more baby  
blue color left on the site?

* design-credits viewlet is now a customization to the portal-colophon.

  I am "happy enough" with the CSS for now ... at least in Firefox and  
Safari. I've been using this site to preview in MSIE:


It looks fine in MSIE 7, however MSIE 6 looks fairly ... skrunky. I  
don't have any Windows installations on my home compy, so if anyone  
wants to take crack at MSIE 6 fixes, that would be much appreciated.

Aside from the MSIE issues, I think the visual design is "good enough  
for now". I'm going to look into fixing the ReST breakage next.

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