[Grok-dev] updating the versions list

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Nov 19 11:28:22 EST 2007

Hi there,

We need volunteers to experiment with using a KGS-generated versions.cfg 
for the Grok trunk.

KGS is a package index like PyPi that contains a known-good, 
tested-together version of Zope 3 dependencies. One way to use it is to 
point 'index' to it in the [buildout] section, but that's not what I'm 
proposing as I think we rely on a zope.app.publisher that is newer than 
is in the KGS (or will be in this KGS). Grok needs manage its own lists 
of versions, also for the reason of utter stability (what works 
together, should work tomorrow, no matter what new bugfixes are released 
that can break things).

KGS *also* generates a versions.cfg style list however. This means we 
can just point our buildout.cfg to the regular cheeseshop, and base our 
versions.cfg on the KGS one, as everything in KGS should also be in the 
cheeseshop. For the extra packages not maintained by KGS, we simply peg 
down a version in addition (we're already doing this). For the packages 
where we run ahead of Zope 3.4, we can peg it down to a newer version. 
It'd be nice if zope.app.publisher had a proper release though - we 
shouldn't be relying on ugly dev-r898098 style versions only available 
in download.zope.org/distribution.

So, the tasks:

* obtain a versions.cfg from KGS

* amend it with our extra packages

* amend it where we run ahead of some releases

* make proper releases wherever we run ahead

* try removing all dependency links to download.zope.org/distribution 
and starting a clean buildout.

* run the Grok tests, try starting Grok and see whether it works.



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