[Grok-dev] Grok Storm Integration

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Thu Nov 22 11:40:51 EST 2007


as i posted this week, i have a working example of a
ORM-Grok based application. It´s based on storm.zope.

As storm.zope has no container implementation i
worked on this issue the last days. I have used
the container implementation of z3c.zalchemy as a
base for the storm.zope container.

Now i have created a package called megrok.storm
which holds the source of the container.

Is it ok to name it megrok.storm?

If nobody has objections with the name i will release
this on the zope svn. How can i get access for this repository?

Addtionally i have some questions:

In storm.zope you have to configure your store in zcml.

   <store name="person"

Is it ok to use this piece of zcml in an grok application?
Or should i try to SMASH that line of zcml?

I don´t have an idea how i could test the megrok.storm package.
I think i need at least a sqlite in "memory DB"
for doing some unittests. Maybe someone has an better idea to
test this package. Or an exmaple would be cool.

Questions over Questions! :-)
Thanks in advance

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