[Grok-dev] Re: Grok Storm Integration

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Fri Nov 23 05:42:49 EST 2007

Christian Klinger wrote:
> Now i have created a package called megrok.storm
> which holds the source of the container.
> Is it ok to name it megrok.storm?

I would say so.

> If nobody has objections with the name i will release
> this on the zope svn. How can i get access for this repository?

You'll have to sign contributor agreement [1] and send it to Zope 
Corporation (e.g. scan it and send an email, or fax it). Tell them 
you're working on Grok and/or Grok extensions so that they know what 
your connection is. You will then be able to commit to svn.zope.org 
using your zope.org username and an SSH key that you have to upload. See 
[2] for more info.

[1] http://www.zope.org/DevHome/CVS/Contributor.pdf
[2] http://www.zope.org/DevHome/Subversion/DoingWritableCheckouts

> Addtionally i have some questions:
> In storm.zope you have to configure your store in zcml.
>   <store name="person"
>          uri="sqlite:/root/groksandbox/grokstorm/person.db"/>
> Is it ok to use this piece of zcml in an grok application?
> Or should i try to SMASH that line of zcml?

What would you do in a pure Python application? I presume you would 
write a few lines of Python. It seems to me we should do the same in 
Grok, though of course it means you're hard-coding database access into 
your application code.

> I don´t have an idea how i could test the megrok.storm package.
> I think i need at least a sqlite in "memory DB"
> for doing some unittests.

Sounds like a reasonable aproach. It's what z3c.zalchemy does, by the way.

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