[Grok-dev] Re: WSGI, Repoze and deployment questions

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Fri Nov 23 12:59:25 EST 2007

On 23 Nov 2007, at 17:26 , Tres Seaver wrote:
> We intend to do this explosion for the Zope3 publisher, but it hasn't
> gotten to the top of the prioitiy list, due largely to two factors:
> - the monolithic version works;

It does, but it's definitely not as flexible as you'd hope it would  
be. The whole publication framework was largely conceived before the  
component architecture was fully embraced. It's in fact more  
monolithic than one would imagine.

To give a concrete example, the exception handline is hardwired into  
the publication implementation, as well as the security proxying. So  
for instance I can't efficiently combine Grok's custom publication  
that drops proxies with a custom exception handling implementation.  
Sure, I can tell the default publication not to handle any exceptions,  
but then even NotFound and Unauthorized exceptions make it to the  
middlewares. Sometimes that's nice (debugging!), somethings it's not  
(if you want to authenticate, for instance).

> - the guts of the monolithic version are about as obfuscated
>   as anything in Zope3 (a funky priority-based registry for
>   request-publication-factory-factories?  You've got to be
>   kidding me!)

Indeed. Well, I *think* I know the system pretty well, so I offer my  
help in, say, a sprint. Perhaps I can make it to PyCON.

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