[Grok-dev] Re: kss newbie tutorial not working with grok 0.11

Godefroid Chapelle gotcha at bubblenet.be
Wed Nov 28 16:40:34 EST 2007

David Bain wrote:
> Just confirming that following the NewbieKSSTutorial did work.
> Evidence here:http://screencast.com/t/EHyzFkFWEEG

Nice screencast !

> Next I'm going to try it with
> easy_install kss.core and easy_install megrok.kss (or as a part of a
> build out without doing the svn checkouts)

megrok.kss needs a new release of kss.core, reason why it has not been 

IOW easy_installing them wont work.

Godefroid Chapelle (aka __gotcha) http://bubblenet.be

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