[Grok-dev] Re: The Google Highly Open Participation Contest

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Thu Nov 29 05:26:52 EST 2007

If you want to raise the bar a notch, try Videocue Pro. Easy to  
assemble multiple clips and add a voiceover (think news cast). You can  
even switch to live shots of yourself using a webcam or similair:


I think this would be a great tool for you Philipp!

Mvh Sebastian

29 nov 2007 kl. 08.55 skrev Jan Ulrich Hasecke:

> Hi Philipp,
> Am 29.11.2007 um 01:09 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:
>> It should only be a matter of an hour or two to get the software  
>> running (see below).
> Thanks for these hints. I played around with IShowU and I think I  
> will buy it.
> I had made a screencast with an other product with postproduction in  
> Garageband and iMovie and had to fight with the encoding  
> adjustments. This is really tricky, if you do not know what is the  
> best compression and encoding combination. And still I am not  
> satisfied with the technical quality. I hope that IShowU will make  
> this easier.
> http://www.hasecke.eu/Members/juh/scrivener-screencast-how-to-export-to-latex-1
>>> Unfortunately this is the only Grok task.
>>> I am not sure whether it is still possible to submit new tasks to  
>>> the contest, the google page is not very userfriendly. Are there  
>>> any other possible Grok tasks, which a young student can complete  
>>> within five days? Maybe writing a small tutorial, writing a small  
>>> test, doing documentation?
>> Getting the reference online is a huge documentation todo item. I  
>> have no idea how far Uli and JW are on this by now...
>> Another idea would be to simply extend the existing tutorial. It  
>> doesn't cover forms or indexing/searching yet, for instance. I  
>> think Luciano improved the tutorial already in a branch, perhaps  
>> that can finally be merged to the trunk and improved/finalized.
>> Naturally, anything that helps with the docs would be greatly  
>> appreciated. I must admit, screencasts are very cool and they help  
>> promote stuff :).
> This is what I think of. But as far as I understand the rules, the  
> tasks must be concrete and there must be a mentor for the task.  
> Anyone willing to do so?
> But at first we shall contace google and ask, if we can add task  
> after the contest started.
> One task could be to run the tutorials in the new grok site with  
> 0.11 or higher to see if they work.
> Another to write a tutorial for some feature or to complete a  
> tutorial.
> And then at last the screencast task I mentioned could be split up  
> into several screencast for different highlights.
> Does anybody know, who posted the task to the contest?
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