[Grok-dev] Re: Admin UI name change suggestion

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Fri Oct 5 05:50:41 EDT 2007

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>>> Previously Martijn Faassen wrote:
>>>> Before there's much more naming discussion, I should make clear that 
>>>> there are two target audiences:
>>>> * site managers. They may want to install or deinstall an 
>>>> application, restart Zope, and such things.
>>> I suspect the majority of sites will run a single grok app per instance.
>>> For those 'install an application' should not be an explicit action, it
>>> should happen automatically by taking over the Zope root. In other words
>>> for most deployments I do not expect that a separate UI will be needed
>>> here.
>> Well said. Absolutely agreed.
> I have the impression some of this feedback arose because Grok actually 
> allows something that's quite powerful but that people may not be used 
> to from experience with other frameworks; the ability to install 
> multiple applications into the same server.

Other frameworks allow this, at least the ones that can work with Paste.

> If you turn the Zope 3 root into a grok application, there are some 
> questions, like:
> How do you remove the application again and reinstall it? This is what I 
> do quite a frequently during development.

As I've suggested in another reply, this could easily be handled by a view.

> Where is the user interface to go to the introspector?

Append /introspector or something? I don't think it's too hard to come 
up with an easy-to-remember rule how to reach it.

> Where is the user interface to see my server settings, perhaps can 
> reboot it, etc?

(Side note: I don't think the admin UI should allow you to restart the 
server... Zope should stop pretending it owns the server process. In 
WSGI land, the gateway owns the process. THis might be Apache, TWisted, 
CherryPy, etc.)

> How this is actually going to make everyone's life better?

Less work to get started. Less concepts to grasp (object publishing, 
sites as in ISIte, etc.).

> So far I've heard "people are confused", but it's not clear to me that this change 
> would make people less confused or if so, it would actually improve 
> their lives?

Well, everybody who said they were confused said that they would've not 
expected this step. That this application object "would just be there". 
That seems pretty clear to me about whether it would improve their lives.

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