[Grok-dev] Photos of the Grok-Workshop at the FrOSCon

Armin C. Stroß-Radschinski developer at acsr.de
Sun Oct 7 11:33:01 EDT 2007

Hi Martijn,
as you requested, no link to the photos has reached you!

Here is my selection. (Some of them courtesy of Claudia Liersch!)

I hope you are back secure. I will notify when the next steps on the  
grok website are finished.

I changed my opinion and I will join the Plone Conf too and stay  
there for the sprint. I will try to tackle the things left to do on  
the grok site from there with close access to the community.

Denis Mishunov from the redux team gave a coarse idea that he starts  
working on the Plone3 skin for Zope.org in week 43 after the Plone  
Conf and make the first stuff available in week 44. I am sure I met  
him and some guys from the cologne sprint (Leonard, Luciano,  
Godefroid) there.

Kind regards

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acsr infopair, Landgrafenstraße 32, 53842 Troisdorf, Germany

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