[Grok-dev] Re: Grok 0.10.1 released!

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 02:25:45 EDT 2007

Tres Seaver wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
>> Tres Seaver wrote:
>>> $ bin/grokproject mytest
>>> Enter module (Name of a demo Python module placed into the package)
>>> ['app.py']:
>>> Enter user (Name of an initial administrator user): zope
>>> Enter passwd (Password for the initial administrator user): r00ler
>>> Enter eggs_dir (Location where zc.buildout will look for and place
>>> packages) ['/home/tseaver/buildout-eggs']:
>>> Creating directory ./mytest
>>> Downloading zc.buildout...
>>> Invoking zc.buildout...
>>> While:
>>>   Installing.
>>>   Getting section app.
>>>   Initializing section app.
>>>   Installing recipe zc.zope3recipes>=0.5.3.
>>>   Getting distribution for 'zc.zope3recipes==0.6b1'.
>>> Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'zc.zope3recipes==0.6b1'.
>> Is this because there's no py-2.5 egg for zc.zope3recipes (at least I 
>> don't see one on the cheeseshop)?
> If so, it should have been looking for source distributions, too (in
> fact, I would prefer to hardwire a choice into distutils / setuptools /
> zc.buildout to *ignore* binary eggs for my use).
>> Furtermore, my virtualenv is behaving weird: somehow it decides not to 
>> install the Paste* dependencies when I do bin/easy_install grokproject. 
>> That that could however be unrelated of course.
> I've given Ian a couple of patches lately:  are you using the trunk for
> virtualenv, or the 0.8.4 release?

I easy_installed it. So I guess its a released version. /me checks... 
uhmm, yes, its 0.8.4 indeed. I'll give it a go when a newer version is 


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