[Grok-dev] Re: branches review

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Mon Oct 15 19:36:28 EDT 2007

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> gocept.zope3instance-recipe - Philipp von Weitershausen
> -------------------------------------------------------
> This is an old branch. I assume this can go away as we went the 
> eggification route. If that's correct, can you remove this one please, 
> Philipp?


> gotcha-configuration-actions - Godefroid Chapelle, Philipp
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Godefroid started this branch, and then Philipp took it over and pushed 
> it to a point near to merging. Philipp also already started a separate 
> thread about this: excellent! Let's discuss the status of this branch 
> over there.

Yes please! I'd like to get it merged soon.

> philikon-grokcore.component - Philipp
> -------------------------------------
> Philipp started splitting Grok into independently reusable pieces 
> (enabled by Martian). The first piece we split off is anything that is 
> fairly purely component architecture oriented. I think this one waits 
> for changes to land in the gotcha-configuration-actions branch first, so 
> see that discussion.

Yup. I will have to eventually delete and recreate this branch because 
it heavily depends on the changes in the actions branch. But the lessons 
learned in this branch were helpful. Furthermore, it outlines the 
approach I'd like to take very well, so anybody who'd like to know how 
I'd like to approach things in the split up is welcome to look.

> philikon-reload - Philipp
> -------------------------
> Code-reload support for Grok. I had the impression that we discovered 
> that this approach was fundamentally flawed. If that's correct, is it 
> still worth retaining this branch?

Not really, though I strongly believe we need some sort of reload, 
albeit using a different approach. Removed the branch.

> regebro-guido-templates - Lennart, Guido Wesdorp
> ------------------------------------------------
> Support for plugging in Genshi and potentially other template languages 
> into Grok. I have the impression this branch is quite far along. Is this 
> only waiting for a review, or does more work need to be done before we 
> can merge this one?

Let's see if we can get it merged soon. That means we should discuss the 
status and review it. If we can get this branch and the actions branch 
merged, I think we should do a 0.11.

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