[Grok-dev] branches review

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Oct 16 10:21:58 EDT 2007

Hi there,

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> In the past we've experienced a few times that we had branches which 
> existed in limbo for a long time. Let's make sure that doesn't happen a 
> lot. I'll catalog the current branches I'm aware of. Creator(s) of the 
> branch, please let us know their status and if it's ready for a review> 
> What should a reviewer be paying special attention to? Reviewers, please 
> volunteer and get these finalized and merged!

Thanks for the list and the kick-in-the-ass :-)


> jasper-grokdoctool - Jasper op de Coul, Uli
> -------------------------------------------
> I'm unclear about the status of this one. Perhaps this branch was 
> already merged at the sprint? In this case Jasper or Uli should remove it.

This is currently a separate package to create the reference
documentation. It is not really a grok branch. Because casual users most
likely won't create the reference and it requires some special libraries
and packages (most notably lxml), we decided to build it as a separate
package, which currently is only available via svn.

This is not an ideal situation but should currently be sufficient for
people willing to write reference documentation and to check how, their
texts will look like.

I am really undecided, whether the stuff should better be maintained as
part of grok or as a separate egg. Jasper: what do you think?


> neanderthal-startupspeed - Lennart, Joachim Schmitz, Ahmed
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> This work was started at the Neanderthal sprint. Essentially it excludes 
> from loading the ZCML that is only there to provide the ZMI. It could 
> probably be tweaked and extended. The aim is to gain some speed in startup.
> Some points about this branch:

> * some people consider Grok's UI not ready yet to completely replace the 
> ZMI, and that we therefore can't really throw things out. We need to 
> reach a point where the ZMI is really unnecessary anymore. To do this, 
> we need to make a list of what features our UI(s) should have.

>From my side the UI was never considered to be a full featured ZMI
replacement. Anyway, I see reasons to have a 'light' edition of ZMI,
which of course would require a list of requested features. I'll start
another thread to collect those.


> ulif-adminui - Uli
> ------------------
> I'm not sure what the status of this branch is. The admin UI work before 
> it got merged into the trunk? In this case the branch can be removed, 
> correct?

This is code from before the stoneage ;-) I removed it.

> ulif-i18n - Uli
> ---------------
> i18n support, the Grok way. I have the impression that this one is 
> waiting for someone to review it, correct? If so, please start a thread 
> describing the basic design so we can finalize this process.

This branch basically offers support for a `grok.localesdir()`
directive. It's a replacement for the ZCML i18n:registerTranslations

The branch needs some care from my side and afterwards a review. I'll
drop a message, when the review is needed.

I think it would be a nice completion of the i18n functionality we
already offer with grokproject and could be ready by end of week.

> ulif-reference - Uli
> --------------------
> Not sure about the status of this work. Can this be removed?

Its important parts are already in the trunk. Removed it.

> ulif-viewinfo - Uli, Martijn, Jasper
> ------------------------------------
> I understood Uli has been removing the admin UI out of the grok core. Is 
> this branch then still relevant? Concerning moving the admin UI out of 
> the Grok core, I think we need a mail with a plan. Uli, could you write 
> up such a plan and post it to a new thread?

Yup. I'll start another thread for that.

> I've removed some branches I'm sure could be removed myself. :)

Same here :-)

Best regards,


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