[Grok-dev] BasicSourceFactory again

Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke at web.de
Fri Oct 19 15:15:42 EDT 2007


after finishing some jobs I now can do some grokking work again.

As you know, we are developing a zoo game with grok. We add cages in  
the zoo with a addform in a choice field we reference a source  
defined by BasicSourceFactory.

class GehegeListe(BasicSourceFactory):
	"""This is the list of available cages for animals"""

	def getValues(self):
		return [_(u'Elefantengehege'),_(u'Giraffengehege'), _(u'Paviankäfig')]

The form triggers a method which creates the cage. According to the  
number of animals, which shall live in the cage and depending on the  
kind of cage the building costs are increasing or decreasing. A  
Paviankäfig is cheeper than a Elefantengehege. All this is defined in  
the method, which creates the cage.

	def bauegehege(self, name, groesse, tierart, kosten):
		"""creates a cage object.
		FIXME: use something better than if if if"""
		if name == _(u'Elefantengehege'):
			tierart = _(u'Elefant')
			kosten = groesse*150000
		if name == _(u'Paviankäfig'):
			tierart = _('Pavian')
			kosten = groesse*80000
		if name == _(u'Giraffengehege'):
			tierart = _('Giraffe')
			kosten = groesse*100000
		self[name] = gehege.Gehege(name, groesse, tierart,kosten)
		self.konto -= self[name].kosten

but this is not what I want.

I would like to define costs and maybe some other criteria before and  
then use them in the BasicSourceFactory and in the method "bauegehege".

How can i achieve this?

Create cage-objects with all attributes at startup and query them  
while creating a BasicSourceFactory? Or define a central dictionary  
with all values?

Any ideas?

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