[Grok-dev] Application Distribution HOWTO

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Oct 23 04:53:20 EDT 2007

I don't create eggs for my applications. I just install Grok on the  
production server using grokproject, make sure it has the same  
application name as on the dev server, and manually copy the source  
code files and static folder (alt. you could update your code on the  
production server using CVS or SVN).

Grok works very well as is. Since it is built on Zope 3, you will  
find that 99% of the code is production quality. From what I  
understand the biggest issue would be that the API's might change  
slightly until the 1.0 release (which is due soon). Also, some new  
features are in the pipe.

Mvh Sebastian

23 okt 2007 kl. 10.25 skrev Torvald Bringsvor:

> Hi
> It is my understanding that when one has developed an application  
> in GROK to the point where it is ready to go "live" one is to make  
> an egg of this application so that you can transfer this  
> application to a production server and install it there, with all  
> dependencies.
> However, being a novice in the world of eggs, I can't really say I  
> know where to begin with making this happen, and I can't seem to  
> find any tutorials on it anywhere either. Does this mean that GROK  
> isn't regarded as production quality, so one should stay in the  
> sandbox, or is there some info somewhere that I haven't been able  
> to locate?
> Thanks!
> -Torvald
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