[Grok-dev] releasing 0.10.2

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Oct 23 11:04:58 EDT 2007

Hi there,

I believe we should release a Grok 0.10.2 which contains the single 
bugfix concerning versions that Uli discovered. I think JW did a checkin 
today on the branch of this change, correct? In addition JW weakened 
some dependencies on buildout recipes itself, which I think makes sense 
- Grok doesn't depend on particular versions of buildout recipes, 
buildout does.

So, who wants to help do a release? I want to make sure that there is a 
pool of people who have release experience and have the appropriate 
access. You'll need:

* access to grok.zope.org to upload a new versions-x.y.cfg for the new 

* access to 'grok' on the cheeseshop

* checkin access to svn.zope.org

Currently this pool is limited - I think only myself and Philipp have 
access to everything. JW is practically included, he did the release 
with me last time. Luciano has a lot of knowledge about the releases 
since last sprint so he's almost there too. I think we can also easily 
get Uli there. So, I'm going to try to recruit you guys into the release 
manager pool. Who wants to do the 0.10.2 release with me later this week?

By the way, JW, can you make sure you have the proper ssh-key to log 
into grok.zope.org with you everywhere?



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