[Grok-dev] some actual deployment questions

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Thu Oct 25 10:33:15 EDT 2007

I may have gotten myself into some trouble! :-) I'm supposed to deploy
a small web app today that I wrote in Grok, and it's only now, as a
co-worker is about to arrive to start the install with me, that I
realize that I have not though everything.

 - Currently the admin username and password are in buildout.cfg in
   Subversion for anyone to see.  I suppose I ought to "include" them
   from another file that is not checked into Subversion?

 - How do I tell Grok which user to run as, so that root can start it
   from an /etc/init.d symlink but without Grok's running as root?

 - I need to put Apache in front of my Grok app, and was thinking of
   using a RewriteRule.  But with Plone this causes terrible problems
   because Plone will write URLs that say "localhost:8080" instead of
   the external name, unless I include a VirtualHostMonster and do its
   URL rewrite dance.  Does Grok have this problem?  Will all the URLs
   on the first page I look at be broken?

I'll happily write a small tutorial to deploying Grok in the real
world once this is all done.  When, by the way, does the new site come
up so I can start adding things to it?

Brandon Craig Rhodes   brandon at rhodesmill.org   http://rhodesmill.org/brandon

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