[Grok-dev] some actual deployment questions

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Thu Oct 25 10:39:16 EDT 2007

Previously Brandon Craig Rhodes wrote:
> I may have gotten myself into some trouble! :-) I'm supposed to deploy
> a small web app today that I wrote in Grok, and it's only now, as a
> co-worker is about to arrive to start the install with me, that I
> realize that I have not though everything.
>  - Currently the admin username and password are in buildout.cfg in
>    Subversion for anyone to see.  I suppose I ought to "include" them
>    from another file that is not checked into Subversion?
>  - How do I tell Grok which user to run as, so that root can start it
>    from an /etc/init.d symlink but without Grok's running as root?
>  - I need to put Apache in front of my Grok app, and was thinking of
>    using a RewriteRule.  But with Plone this causes terrible problems
>    because Plone will write URLs that say "localhost:8080" instead of
>    the external name, unless I include a VirtualHostMonster and do its
>    URL rewrite dance.  Does Grok have this problem?  Will all the URLs
>    on the first page I look at be broken?

Plone relies on the standard Zope virtual host mapper, which is
installed in all Zope2 instances by default. Nothing special or weird
about that.

grok runs on Zope3 which has a vhm which does the exact same thing,
except it uses a different syntax in its URLs. It looks like this:
http://localhost:5050/<ZODB path>/++vh++http:<hostname>:80/++/


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