[Grok-dev] Re: zc.sourcefactory

Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke at web.de
Mon Sep 3 05:20:03 EDT 2007

This should go to the list

Am 03.09.2007 um 10:26 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:

> On 3 Sep 2007, at 10:22 , Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:
>> Is zc.sourcefactory a default part of grok?
> Nope.
>> I get an ImportError.
>>     ImportError: No module named sourcefactory.basic
>> If it is not installed by default, how do I install it? Are there  
>> any howtos?
> There aren't, but it'd be cool if someone could write one down.
> Basically, by importing zc.sourcefactory in your code, you  
> introduce a *dependency*. Dependencies are managed in setup.py. So  
> edit setup.py and add 'zc.sourcefactory' to the install_requires  
> list. Then run bin/buildout again. It will download and install  
> zc.sourcefactory now.
> This is, by the way, how all of the Zope packages are installed  
> automatically. Your package depends on 'grok' and 'grok' depends on  
> various 'zope.*' packages. buildout simply makes sure that all the  
> dependencies are installed.

I would write a howto, but first of all I plead to call buildout sid.

I get this error while calling buildout in my grokproject:

Error: There is a version conflict.
We already have: ZODB3 3.9.0-dev-r77011
but grok 0.10 requires 'ZODB3==3.8.0b2'.


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